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Thursday, March 19, 2009

TIME MAG.:A Holy Boldness Friday, Dec. 14, 1962,9171,872963,00.html

For many Roman Catholic clerics at the Second Vatican Council, the most vital arena was not St. Peter's Basilica, where the prelates gathered for discussion, but a room on the third floor of Rome's college for German seminarians. Scores of cardinals and bishops from Germany, France, Africa and Latin America made pilgrimages there for theological advice. Theologians visited to discuss the issues and events of the council with the sad-eyed, soft-spoken man who occupied the room. He was Karl Rahner, 58, whom many eminent Roman Catholic thinkers regard as the most profound and most exciting theologian their church has produced in the 20th century.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Springtime Decay

by David L. Sonnier

Joos de Momper, 'Winter landscape' (1620), Private collection

As soon as I heard of Ken Jones' Index of Leading Catholic Indicators,1 I had an intense desire to purchase a copy. The 113-page paperback book contains statistics relating to all aspects of Catholic life: Catholic education, religious orders, Catholic practice and belief, seminarians, nuns, and diocesan priests. Having read the Index, my compliments go out to Mr. Jones. Like myself, Mr. Jones is the father of seven young

Friday, February 13, 2009

Liberal Pollyanna

It isn't just the "traditionalist" who are admitting that Vatican II is a failure. In the video below Prof. Thomas Beaudoin, presents objective statistical failures in educating young Catholics. He does pull a Pollyanna at the end and says that all the statistics can't be trusted because faith is unconscious (what ever that means?). In this way, he is not honest, because we are not talking about one survey but a great number of surveys. He is pretty liberal and supports the Rahnerish world view. (Well he works at a Jesuit College and Rahner was a Jesuit. One needs to keep one's job ) Video about an hour long

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Pollyanna's Dilemma

Liberals don't think that Vatican II has been implemented. They still wait for women priests and approval of artificial contraception.

Conservative (they call themselves-- Orthodox) Catholics live in denial that Vatican II was a failure for the Church. In private they will complain but when the subject comes up in public, they will defend the "Church" to the hilt with a Pollyanna enthusiasm: " ...every thing is great the problem is not the Council but the 'Spirit of Vatican II...' " Well if the "Spirit of Vatican II" controls or controlled the Church how does that happen? Who is responsible for implementing it?

The Traditionalists are more honest about the failure of the changes since the Council but become Pollyannas when talking about the "good old days." They think the church was perfect in the 1950 and earlier. From what I have heard the nuns, brothers, and priests were more like drill sergeants than Christian role models.

There was a need to reform before the Council but not the way the Council did it. The Council may have been protected from teaching heresy but not from imprudence. Very few have read all the documents of Vat. II because they are long, confusing, as a matter of fact, I believe the documents of Vatican II are longer than all the other councils that came before it combined!