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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Apostle of Sentimental Theology -- Father William Most -- Second Reply

A Second Reply to Father Most

(This article is addressed to the editor of The Wanderer)

The following rebuttal was written in response to a second article by Father Most, carried again by The Wanderer (March 12th), concerning my response to his initial attack on Father Feeney and his disciples in his February 5th column in the same paper.

March 18, 1987
Saint Photina

Mr. Alphonse J. Matt, Jr., Editor
The Wanderer
201 Ohio Street
St. Paul, Minnesota 55107

Dear Mr. Matt,

If Archbishop Fulton Sheen's thesis in his article, "The Decline of Controversy" is as correct as I believe it to be, namely that Catholic wisdom has made itself robust on the battlefields of controversy, then a continuing full-scale debate on the true meaning of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus will prove beneficial for the Church and for souls.

Apostle of Sentimental Theology -- Father William Most -- First Reply

Apostles of Sentimental Theology
Father William Most
* * * * * * *

To Our Readers:

These past few months have brought a wave of assaults upon the foundational doctrine of the faith, "extra ecclesiam nulla salus" (no salvation outside the Church). Strange to say, all of them have emanated from the pens of so-called conservative Catholic theologians.

Periodicals, such as the Homiletic and Pastoral Review and publications of the Saint Pius X, and newspapers, such as The Wanderer, The Remnant, and the National Catholic Register, all have thrown aside their mutual bones of contention to zero-in on enemy number one, Father Leonard Feeney and Saint Benedict Center. Some friends of ours have hinted that we should "'make more noise." Although our policy has been to act as a quiet ferment both in the Americas and abroad, we have found ourselves, our defense of the Church's doctrine, and our revered Founder hotly debated wherever there are nuclei of souls truly concerned about Our Lord, His Church, and salvation. This is proof sufficient that the dogma of faith refuses to die. The Holy Ghost, the Spirit of Truth, continues to enkindle this fire of the divine challenge as long as there are souls to be sanctified and saved.