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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Heresy of the Greeks, Who Assert that the Holy Spirit Proceeds from the Father Alone, and Not from the Father and the Son

by St. Alphonsus Liguori

1. It is necessary to remark here, in order not to confuse the matter, that the heresy of the schismatical Greeks mainly consists in denying the procession of the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son; they contend that he proceeds from the Father alone, and this is the main difference between the Greek and Latin Churches.

The learned have not yet agreed on the author of this heresy. Some say it was Theodoret, in his refutation of the ninth anathematism of St. Cyril, against Nestorius, but others again defend him (as well as several others quoted by the schismatics), and explain that passage of his works which gave rise to this opinion, by saying that he only meant to prove that the Holy Spirit was not a creature, as the Ariansand Macedonians asserted. There can be no doubt but that passages from the works both of Theodoret and the other Fathers, which the writers intended as refutations of the errors of the Arians and Macedonians, taken in a wrong sense by the schismatics, have confirmed them in holding on to this error.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Russian Prince, Convert, and Priest -- AUGUSTINE GALLITZIN

 [A convert who is a Russian Prince should be extraordinary enough but one that also becomes a Catholic Priest and missionizes the USA is astounding! Here we see the Providence of God seeking his lost sheep. Below is the introduction to the book "LIFE AUGUSTINE GALLITZIN, PRINCE AND PRIEST", by Sarah M. Brownson. (free e-book link here) The introduction was written by another famous convert and member to the USA's forgotten Catholic  past. He makes interesting historical comments of the times-- very interesting.  The short preface is by Sarah outlining this remarkable priest. CFT--editor Bill Strom]

P R E F A C E.
IN the following pages will be.found the account of a young
prince, wealthy, brilliantly educated, of splendid appearance,
fascinating address, and full of genius, who, from the purest
and highest motives, became a Catholic priest, devoting his
life, and all it contained, to the salvation of souls.