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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Un-baptized Saints?

One of the biggest objections from baptism of desire/blood advocates is the claim that the Catholic Church recognizes saints who never received the Sacrament of Baptism. This is a dubious assertion, although understandable on this confusing subject. Some historians have written of the lives of certain saints in which these saints seemed to have died without  the Sacrament of Baptism  – by “baptism of blood”; but the assertions of these historians proves nothing; it is their speculation.

Not all of the information surrounding the deaths of martyrs is accurate.  For instance,  According to St. Ambrose, Prudentius and Father Butler, Saint Agnes was beheaded.  Others had said she [St. Agnes] was burned to death.  Our point is that not all of the information given in the martyrdom narrative is necessarily accurate, consistent, or complete.

Pope St. Gelasius, Decretal, 495:
“Likewise the deeds of the holy martyrs… [which] with remarkable caution are not read in the holy Roman Church… because the names of those who wrote them are entirely unknown… lest an occasion of mockery might arise.”
[Denzinger 165]