Friday, July 17, 2009

Newman Beatification

Some have wondered why has Catholic Vox focused so much on Cardinal Newman. Well, we see him as the foundation for much of the Modernistic liberalism in the Church today. He may have been sincere in his intention but unfortunately sincerity must be unified with truth. As far as we know, there is no devils advocate during the canonization process anymore, so we think we should point out some of Newman's theological problems.

Most Catholics who deny the dogma of "No Salvation outside the Church"(EENS) say that there has been a development in the Church's understanding of EENS, which is exactly the opposite of the infallable definitions. This mentality is based on Newman's faulty reasoning, that the Church is walking blind through history and is surprised to discover another doctrine here and there as time goes on.

Catholics are not to take a beatification or canonization as a whole sale endorsed acceptance by the Church of all the saint's writings. For example, St Catherine of Sienna denied the Immaculate Conception: "Canonization of a Saint does not at all guarantee the truth of alleged private revelations. St. Catherine of Sienna seems to have claimed Our Lady appeared to her and denied the Immaculate Conception." ( link:EWTN) Well we know this was huge mistake since we know it is a defined dogma of the Church.

Although St. Catherine vision is dealing with private revelation, it is also dealing with doctrine and St. Catherine of Sienna is a Doctor of the Church. We would assume a doctor of the Church wouldn't make such a glaring mistake but St. Thomas Aquinas, also a doctor of the Church, made the same mistake.

Our fear is after the beatification of Newman that his theory on development of doctrine will also be assumed to have been "canonized. " For more details please read the new post below : "St. Pius X Condemns Cardinal Newman's Development of Doctrine Theory"