Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Feeney Friendly Forum

There has been a lot of better communication among EENSers lately (a.k.a. by our opponents as Feeneyites-- The reason I like to be called an EENSer is that  Fr. Feeney had his faults, as I do too, that can distract us from the dogma he devoted his life defending. So I follow the Church not a personality. That being said being called a Feeneyite doesn't bother me--LOL) and I was notified  today of a Feeney friendly forum:

So often EENSers get kick out or silenced on Catholic forums. Sometimes because of imprudent zeal, which is understandable. But often without notice or explanation of why they have been shut out of the discussions. So to all you EENSers out there please keep it civil  and remember : "He who loses his cool loses the argument" meaning that people today often are more convinced by tone than by facts and if we combine both then we will make some headway.

Merry Christmas!