Sunday, September 16, 2018

EXPOSED! Vatican II & the Viganò Effect

We at Catholicvox have wanted to stay focused on the doctrinal problems in the Church, but this fiasco, needs comment. While we at Catholicvox are not technically Trads. We have always been sympathetic to the Trads.

For the Neo-Catholics to call Trads, "Rad-Trads" (ie. Radical Traditionalist), always made us bristle. How could being just Catholic as all the Church was before Vatican II be considered, RADICAL?

While we don't see a return, to the Traditional Tridentine Mass, (TLM--Tradition Latin Mass) any time soon, since we have fallen away from the norm of Sacred Tradition so much. We do hope for a "Latinization" of the Novus Ordo.

We also bristle, at calling the TLM, the "Extraordinary Form." Why ? Because this is a ploy to distance  the norm of tradition from the TLM. It also changed the name of the Novus Ordo to "Ordinary Form." Why? Because the term Novus Ordo is very close to the Masonic, "Novus Ordo Seclorum,"-- The New World Order. This is not by chance imho.

The Church had a hostel takeover at Vatican II. We still think God can use this mess for good, but let's be honest-- it is a mess.

We know many good men who wouldn't dare to enter seminary for fear of not being allowed to preach the dogmas of the Faith, or fear of being raped.