Tuesday, September 11, 2018

The Fruits of Baptism of Desire ?

[editor- Because of the recent scandals, many priests are trying to convince people not leave. Among them, is Bishop Barron, who has a weak argument. But since he thinks  de facto: "all are save"-- why not leave? If you are saved any faith and it doesn't matter what you believe. ? Barron's argument is to stay Catholic because it is "nice." But let's consider the problems with BoD. We take this from a forum on the topic https://www.cathinfo.com/baptism-of-desire-and-feeneyism/ladislaus-drew-subborn-please-proof-read/ ]

Baptism of desire (BOD) denies the necessity of the sacrament of baptism for salvation.

BOD mocks the sacrament of baptism because it is not a sacrament. It is not an outward sign instituted by Christ. It is not a gateway to the other sacraments, does not impart the baptismal character, all things the church teaches are part of justification and necessary for salvation, and which are the very characteristics of true baptism.

BOD promotes the Protestant heresy that faith alone saves.

BOD leads many Catholics to believe abortion is a source of hope for infants since infants are not guilty of actual sin.

BOD contradicts the Catholic teaching: One Lord, one faith, one baptism, since, BOD, by definition, is not the same as baptism, but something entirely different.

Advocates admit BOD does not make anyone a member of the Church. Since the church teaches that there is no salvation outside the Church, BOD cannot save.

BOD promotes laxity and indifferentism because many Catholics often rest in a person's desire for heaven rather than do the work to help get the person baptized.

BOD is nothing like baptism because the grace is not assured.

BOD is not true baptism because the water and words are missing.

BOD  rewards perseverance in sin.

BOD is not a sacrament, nor has it been defined, yet BOD is said to replace baptism, the one sacrament that is necessary for salvation.

BOD suggests the God is impotent, because due to circumstance, the Almighty is unable to provide the elements for certain individuals.

BOD implies God is not author of life and death because people meet their death in an untimely manner, before they can receive true baptism.

BOD makes liars of popes and saints who teach no one who dies outside the Catholic Church is saved.

BOD is said to save some outside the Church, making the doctrine of "No Salvation Outside the Church" a false teaching.

BOD mocks the Holy Spirit Who tells us in scripture to be washed for the remission of sins.

BOD makes Jesus a liar, Who says: "Unless a man is born again of water and the Holy Ghost...let him be anathema".

BOD mocks scripture 1 Peter 3:21 a verse that says "baptism now saves you" by suggesting that an unprovided death can do the same.

BOD undermines the Council of Trent which took great care to define the form and matter of baptism in very specific detail.

BOD denies the teaching that a person must be baptized by another.

BOD denies this canon in Trent: "If anyone says that true and natural water is not necessary for baptism and thus twists into some metaphor the words of our Lord Jesus Christ: 'Unless a man be born again of water and the Holy Ghost, let him be anathema' by removing the need for water.

BOD is a fine example of how one twists into a metaphor the words of Our Lord Jesus Christ, "unless one is born of water and the Holy Spirit, let him be anathema."

BOD voids another infallible canon in Trent that states: "If anyone says that Baptism is optional, that is, not necessary for salvation, let him be anathema."

BOD by its very definition undermines Christ's missionary mandate.

BOD suggests God is unmerciful unless He contradicts His Word and Church teaching and provide salvation without baptism.

BOD is a nothing more than Satan's counterfeit substitute for a necessary sacrament.

BOD is no baptism